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Guaranteed Credit Approval

How the Program Works:

A lot of people in today's economic world have struggled keeping up on their lifestyles to make those everyday payments. Divorces that lead to non-payments on bills, unexpected medical bills you could not keep up on, mortgages you could not keep up with, job loss, and first time car buyers with no credit history and no co-signers....all of these situations will lead to a dropping credit score. Credit Acceptance understands that good people can incur bad credit. We have teamed up with Credit Acceptance which will allow you to purchase a better vehicle than that you would pay cash for. Additionally, we can help you increase your credit score by making on-time payments on your automobile loans, as Credit Acceptance reports to all major credit bureaus.


People with low credit scores always tend to get pushed into the "Buy Here Pay Here" situation. When you purchase a car from a "Buy Here Pay Here" establishment it is doing nothing to repair your credit history. We are not throwing these dealers "under the bus" we just want all consumers to know that teaming with us and Credit Acceptance we can be more beneficial. You can make up to 48 perfect on time monthly payments and nothing will come out of it as it DOES NOT report to the credit bureaus. Before going that route we can put you into a vehicle to hit your monthly payment goal, with minimal money down to help restore your credit history to get you back on track!!!


High percentage of our vehicles come with a 2 yr/ 24,000 miles warranty. We understand that in hard times the last thing our customers need is a repair bill on their car. Having a warranty on your car will protect your new asset and will help you manage your goal of on-time monthly payments. Which we all know that on-time monthly payments will INCREASE your CREDIT SCORE!!

DOWN PAYMENT: Cash or use your trade-in!!!

Just like "Buy Here Pay Here" lots who require money down, so do we. If you DO NOT have money to put down at the time, we do TAKE YOUR TRADE as money down. So if you have an older car you are looking to get rid of just use that as your DOWN PAYMENT!! Depending on the price of the vehicle, employment history and situation the down payment will vary. We get everyone approved and delivered with MINIMAL money down and get you on the road to success!!

What to do NEXT!!

Fill out a 30 second credit application on our website(will only take you about 2 minutes to complete). If you have a trade-in you can fill that information in on the form or if you have no trade let me know how much of a down payment you have.

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